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Posted on 12/24/2011
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United States
South Carolina
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My lifestyle is plain and simple.I am severely GHETTO SLIGHTLY country.Im down to earth very openminded at tymes im explicit scarcastic straight to the point very much blunt hold my tongue 4 no one. You ladies can take that in any sense of the sentence!!! Im 5 feet 7.I weight 135lbs.brownskin med thick eyebrows dark eyes mustash short beard sideburns plus im darker than caramel yet lighter than chocolate plus i choose to keep things PAINFULLY REAL on ALL levels.... THAT'S WHAT IT IS!!!!!Im a hip hop sex fanatic.Dj/producer/rapper{on tha dl}i do it STRICLY FOR THA LOVE!!!!Im more streetwise than i am book wise. 4Sure i'd love 2 lickie lickie only if a lady lets me There's nooo pressure 4real 4real i love 2 taste sweet wet pussy flesh asscheeks n titties Damn you don't kno im inclined 2 get a female stickie suckin on her toes tongue in her pussy Since i talk crazy game about showin no shame most shorties doubt me I think they scared 2 find out that they want tha freak in me It's like they are freaky curiuos Shiiiit miss im nastie in a good way cause i'll lick suck and stick a girls blues away I love that lady who throws her raw booty butt naked ass dead in my face cause that's how she feels when she's around me cause im freaky DADDIE FREAK NASTIE Females have me on their minds because of how i be talkin STILL THEY BE FRONTIN KNOWIN DAMN WELL THEY WANT IT!!!!.
Looking for:
MISS SWEETTHING that lady who has all those SWEET THINGS that NEEDS TO BE UNWRAPPED licked sucked and lightly bitten!!!!!!! IM LOOKIN 4 that shortie who LOVES NEEDS AND WANTS to be licked sucked and lightly bitten from her HEAD 2 HER TOES from her FINGERS 2 HER PUSSYHOLE from her PUSSYHOLE 2 HER ASSHOLE from her ASSHOLE 2 HER ASSCHEEKS from her ASSCHEEKS 2 HER BELLYBUTTON from her BELLYBUTTON 2 HER PERKY NIPPLES from her NIPPLES 2 THE REST OF HER BREAST from her BREAST 2 HER NECK NECK 2 HER CHIN CHIN 2 HER LIPS LIPS 2 HER NOSE NOSE 2 HER FOREHEAD from her FOREHEAD DOWN HER BACK!!! THAT'S WHAT'S UP!!!!! I want a lady a female a girl a shortie who has tha 4 s's installed SWEET TASTIN SASSY SEXY AND SENSITIVE TO A DEGREE!!!!!!!I go for tha natural look MORE THAN ANYTHING.Im not lookin for a dime piece in ROB'S WORLD dime pieces are to be broken down rolled up and smoked in that exact order!!!!!!Im lookin for that shortie who loves to laugh alot that lady who loves to be licked alot that female with them bright eyes and that sexy smile that girl who knows who she really is and what she's really about I want a lady who is just like me FREAKIE NASTIE I a female who knows who she is and what she's about I want that girl who really wont mind playin with her RAW BOOTY BUTT NAKED BIRTHDAY SUIT SEXY BODY IN FRONT OF ME Bein me if im feelin a lady i'll LICK N SUCK her toes bare ass pussy n breast with ease talk is cheap TAKE NUTHIN FOR GRANTED
Body type:
5' 7"
African American (black)
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Professional Life


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