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Posted on 07/07/2013

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I'm a very fun person and I like to make people laugh. I try not to take life so serious since of course there is no manual for when things happen in your life and how you are supposed to react. As the old saying goes when life throws you lemons make lemonade. I'm a strong believer in all events and situations that happen to you are all meant for a reason and there are no happenstance events. I live in the Chicago area and have been here going on four years now, but originally from St. Louis Mo. I like sports but especially golf although I haven't mastered it but at least at certain times of the year it gives me some ME time. I have the fortunate advantage of working from home and travel on business from time to time. I try not to make life complicated and I avoid the drama that can sometimes go with it. I like to cook and have all kinds of kitchen gadgets that I've accumulated and have on occasion became an infomercial junkie. Although I can say that I have scored a few good buys and some not so good, but more good than bad. I like to cook but it's hard to get much into cooking by yourself so cooking for another or at least doing it together would be nice. I'm still the old fashion type that walks on the curb side of the street with a woman and opens a door for a lady, and I give a nice relaxing massage.
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