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United States
port saint lucie
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Im a cute light brown skinned,smart at that, "honest", caring ,goofy at times but knows when to be serious,,,kind of girl. Im going to college real about august..Like I said I'm very Intellegent , Im only 21 and yet I may no more in life than a 50 year old,ya get what I explain ti better for those who don't understand ,well, mainly I been through Alot,,so with having gona through some of the situations I been through is what gave me the knowledge and expierience I attained to this yea ya cant jugde a book by I'ts cover...ya can't say well, she's young..she has no brain, or she aint on my level..I heard it all..well, In fact she's (10)times smarter than you will ever be..hehe..anywho moving on, Um I currently don't have a vehicle at the moment the reasons for this well, I'll tell ya later..hehe Um so my way of getting around is by walking, I walk alot , that explains my flattened stomach and my curvacious thick hips...or I could get rides from my homegirl I love ta death...she my rida die bitch....I watch basketball and play basketball,not real good at the playing (part)but tries..favorite teams: the Heat ,and of course the Cavieliers..king The Celtics are good but, I was rooting for the Magics just because Ive never see Dwight Howard did as many as 25 bllocks and rebounds than any other player other than, King James wooh..cant wait for the playoffs to be over so we can get into the the anticipation killing about the lakers, I used to like the Lakers when they were a dream team with Shaq, kobe himself,on the Lakers aint doing too well,maybe he's getting,with the missing his 3 pointers and really isn't a good blocker..though he is good at having leadership skills and he was MVP last year so thats shows he must have been real good back in the day.As you can see I love basketball,even though I suck at playing .anywho, back to myself,um, there's a couple of qualities I do in fact have that I like and dislike which are, me bein too overly Honest..because there's just some things ya need to keep to yourself,lol..know what I mean..But, unfortanetely, I, my second is basically, others and their feelings. I do that very well...enough about me lets talk about you...fellas, hit me up..muah
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What's up cuties...thanx for taking the time to read my profile,ya won't be dissapointed..Well,First and foremost please bring your brain ,no games and have a sense of humor!,ya cant be too serious or you'll just stress yourself out and have a stroke. Well , what I'm looking for in a is Intellegence, a down to earth personality and who is Financially stable,lives on his own,has his own car, Basically Independent. Also,whose a little bit on the shy side,this reason for wanting this is mainly because guys who are somewhat shy are the ones who don't really mess around too much or just doesn't have enough confidence to go up and talk to a female, therefore,I wont be worried..hehe..some other things I would defitnetely like in a guy is being Caring,Considerate,and compassionate, the 3 C' In simple terms Caring for one or the others feelings, being Considerate towards one another,meaning being able to understand what the other is going through..and last but not least:) being able to express your feelings..So fellas, I f your wayyyy tooo shy or Bottle things up inside you,den, I think ya should date a therapist..hehe Im a person whose very passionate when I get to that person, and I would like the guy to be the same..this is not asking for too much,rite? If you want to know more about myself...dont be shy and please feel free to hit me up...thanx fellas..muah
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5' 5"
African American (black)
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News Junkie, Sports Nut, Sitcoms, Dramas, Movies, Documentaries
English, French
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Some College
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Christian / Other
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Friendly, Dry / Sarcastic, Goofy
Arts, Dancing, Dining, Family, Movies, Watching Sports, Travel, Cooking, Playing Sports
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  • Posted 8 years ago
very nice at all.