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Posted on 12/07/2009

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United States
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Greetings! First let me say that I am brutally honest. I do not lie, nor do I play or tolerate stupid games. I will trust you until you give me reason not to. As regarding myself, I will not give you reason to mistrust me. As a matter of habit, I welcome message ladies. If someone is interested in me, then you have my permission to contact me. First and foremost I am a Christian. Next, I am single. The #2 and the letter "b" lets you know that I am a Husband to be. As I currently single so I am not a Husband to anyone for now until I found another woman who's ready to want and love me for me and I do same for her in return. I just got out of a heartbreaking relationship so I am not rushing myself into anything , I suppose that in a sense, I am seeking another woman that want to be loved and have lotta love to give back in return . Though I never thought I will ever love again but I guess its just in me to be alone , I have always been loving a soul but I get hurt back in return and that sucks a lot, I am now ready to love again and hoping not the wrong person again, because I am tired of being so lonesome all by myself. As God stated: "It is not good that man be alone". I am at that point in my life that I am content, not alone, but I also know that I am lonely. Now to be honest, these things I must let be known. I am black from the african region and I'm 36. I work as a Project Functionality Tech for best buy and I like my job so much ... All in all, dear friends, I am a well healthy man and will only get healthier when I found a heart desire. Being a strong, loving husband and father to my wife and our kids, teaching and leading them to become the person they truly are and want to be in life, This is just lil about me , so if you care to know more feel free to holla at me...Thanks for reading!
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The Woman that I am looking for is strong willed and of great strength. She knows who she is and what she is about. She is also a challenge: Intelligent, bright, conservative in many areas of her life. Also, she is sure of herself and not willing to compromise or settle for less than she desires. She is ready to walk through hell to make me happy as I will do for her. She also enjoys the fact that she is a woman. Reveals herself in her femininity. She has a precious and wonderful gift to give to a Man that knows how to take that gift, first given, then taken. She will try him. Push him. Test him. And only then that Man, who is a Man, and the type of Man she seeks, will be the Man she gives herself to... and not to any other man. Husbands are Wives, but with an attitude. They know what it takes to get the job done; they just need you to be the one to kick it in gear. A woman that will love me and not for anything else . I seek that special woman who's willing to go an extra miles for me as I do same for her cuz I believe in true love, A God sent woman would be my dream come true — well, one of them, anyway. So my dear if you feel you like what you can read here why not take your time to drop me a line or two and let's see how it goes. Thanks for using your time to view my page . I will be waiting to hear from you, Thanks for using your time to view my page once again.
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5' 10"
African American (black)
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