Black Girls Dating White Men

It is not a normal thing when seeing Black girls dating White men in public. When you see them, you turn your head to them and have a look. I have seen people doing this when they see white men dating black girls in public. I don’t know why and want to know why? Is there something wrong? Why is it real funny for black girls dating white guys? There is a variety in personalities among a group of people who judge others in different ways. I would say some people are picky than others. According to this modern century, thousands of interracial relationships create. You all have seen Asian girls dating Black men, White guys dating Asian women, so why is it impossible for black women dating white men?

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We have seen black men dating white women and you don’t seem surprised at all not you turn your head at them. Generally speaking, it is rarely happen when you see black women dating white men on street. This is the main reason why people turn their heads to the couple every time they see them. It does not happen a lot so it is surprised when you see it. This is absolutely true. The question is, why does it not happen a lot for these interracial couples? Here is the primary reason, most single black girls don’t like to date white guys. I think they just want to date with the same race. I don’t know the reason behind it. Can you tell or guess about why they do not like to date with men in another races?

Black girls seeking white men are rarely so that people stare at these couples when they walk by. As we mentioned that the less it happens is the more surprise it is when you see it. Most black women do not like to date white men because of what reason. We do not know and we like to get different ideas from you. I have evidenced one time at one fast food restaurant. An Asian man walked with a black woman in this restaurant, a lot of customers stared at this couple. Why do they do that? I think it is ok to date with someone from different races. Especially we are living on this modern century, there are thousands of interracial relationships and marriages happen every day. There is nothing wrong about that.

Black girls and white men

Black girls and white men (Google images)

Black girls dating white men seem to happen rarely so that people usually stare at these couples when they walk in public. In fact, we all live on this modern century, there is nothing wrong when you date someone from another race. When you search for “interracial dating” or interracial marriage” on search engines, you found a lot of people looking for a date in different race. However, black women dating white men are rarely so that these couples are stared on street, at shopping center, at market, and other public places. Free black dating sites have more information that you can read. In fact, single black girls do not like to date with white boys or guys.

There are many reasons that black men seeking white women for dating and relationship, even marriage in this modernized century. As we live on this modern society, black men looking for white women to date with is common. Some African American men prefer to date white girls because of many possible reasons. In other words, there are many different reasons where you can see a black man dating white girl.

The main possible reason is the outer beauty. White women are beautiful and sexy, especially their smile and blue eyes that men can get lost into that. Black men also love the brown hair of white girls. Many African American men love the white smooth sexy skin of white women as well. In addition, white girls have sweet talk that turn the man on easily.

Another reason that black men looking for white women for relationship is the opposite attracts. It is a mindset that you will find interested in dating with different races, religion, color, culture. It is a theory that dating with different races attracts us more and more.

Preferred type is another possible reason. Some people are interested in dating with tall, overweight, black, Asian, White, Hispanic, short, fat, etc. Every person has different type of interests in dating. So, some black men like to date with white women, which is common.

The most general reason that black men dating white women is the sexual context. Many African American men have desire to date white women because of sex. They are attracted with these girls because of the sex appeal. Most of black guys seeking white girls because they think they will be sexually satisfied from these girls.

The interracial relationship between a black man and a white woman has been a phenomenon these days. You can see these interracial couples at the clubs, bars, social services, and at online black dating sites.

Nowadays, single black men dating white girls are common as we live on this modern century. If you are a single black man who is interested in dating a white woman, then you should go to online dating services to find her. Also, online dating sites are for white women seeking black men as well.

Do what you want, guys. You know what I am saying. If you like white girls, then go for them. Life is short, try to do what you dream of. Looking for a beautiful, sexy white girl at free black dating sites who is interested in black men like you today.

What do you think about this? You can give us some ideas by commenting your comments below.

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75 thoughts on “Black Girls Dating White Men

  1. Seeking for single black girls seeking black men online is simple. All your work will be done at the comfort of your home. I like it. When I joined some black dating websites, I find thousands of local black women online so I contacted a lot of them. They replied me back immediately. I prefer the local black women only so I just replied to whoever live in my state.

  2. I am seeking a beautiful sexy african american woman with big breasts so she could become my girlfriend as soon as possibly- please answer me

  3. I am white married male looking to have sex with black busty women in NYC , would lie to meet women 33-45 years old, for straight oral sex.. Like high heels and leather. You must be 5ft 5 to 5 ft 6 inches tall. willing to be with a white 55 year old married man

  4. its amazing the content you find on black dating sites here, you can find others who are bigger too.. I found my husband now on a dating site… love him

  5. I am a black/ 27 yr old woman that loves white men, especially older ones. I don’t know why but I am physically attracted to them. I want one, but they do not approach me. I think because it’s not socially accepted.

    • Hello May:
      What makes you different than most black ladies. I like black and white ladies or ladies of any race who are, preferably younger and physically fit. I think the reason I prefer younger women is that not many my age or physiically fit.

      Can you help me understand why many black ladies do not like to be seen in public with a white man. And what I might do to interest them in me. I’m 52,but I am very fit, and much better at everything than I was when I was younger. I am in louisiana, and it is probably one of the slower cultures to evolve when it comes to race relations, but I am extremely open minded an even went to law school at a majority black school.

      It does not seem to bother black ladies to be in private with me, but being public about it is different, and unless you get to know someone, then it is unlikely you will have any desire to be in private together.

      Thanks for any insight you can give me.

  6. I am a white man and I am definitely looking to hook up with a black woman. If anyone is interested,please let me know.

  7. I am living in France with french citizen and I am looking for a busty women white or black for life long.If anybody interested contact me

  8. White male looking to have some fun with younger than 30 african woman. If any ladies are interrested drop me a line

  9. im looking for me a cute white men that knows how to treat a bueatiful black women if you’re interested please hit me up at

  10. I wrote a book called A Black Girls Guide to Dating White Men. Make sure to check it out this Summer. Available on Amazon and Barnes and! “Like’ my Facebook page to stay updated on release and to have interracial conversations.

  11. black handsome guy looking for a white lady for a long lasting relationship drop me a line if intrested

  12. I’m an 18 year old black female. I must say that whoever wrote this article needs a lesson in both grammar and writing an effective arguement or overall article. I found that incredibly distracting to the main point. I agree with the overall message, as I am attracted to white men myself, but honestly, I have no particular preference as long as the man I’m with is someone I can connect with, and not just to hook up with, especially in the low-class and disgusting manner that most of the commenters seem to be doing.

  13. Hi I am a white male age 47 i have been out with a couple of black women. I find it hard to ask one out because I am a fraid they may make a scene or they will just reject me. Are there any women in Tn that would date a white guy?

  14. I’m 19 years old and I completely agree with what Lulu says as I feel the same way. My preference is one thing but being treated right, and being truly loved by another person is another. In addition finding someone to connect with shouldn’t start with how big her breasts are.

  15. hello bruce I’m a black femal from tennessee and i date white men. but to me most white men are not intrested in black females I may be wrong but thats what I have noticed in my area.

  16. Hi im a young beautiful black female under 25 interested in a wm. Im not looking for a one night stand looking for someone who is looking for something serious tired of games bc i have alot of love to give…if your interested reply back soon…

  17. am interested in black girls (always have been) but a lack of black girls here (Auckland, New Zealand) makes it rather slim pickings…any black girls interested in going out with a slim white guy? get in touch 🙂 I’m born in 1982, am 5’7″ (173 cm) tall and 65 kg in weight. Look forward to hearing from you, even if you are coming to NZ for a visit (I live on Waiheke Island (a 35 minute boat ride from Auckland – look the locations up on google!)…and i’m learning to be a baker of good quality fresh breads (so you won’t run out of decent food!)

  18. im a white guy looking for a dark black skinny girl,i’m 17 years old. i live in Canada Ontario in st. Thomas. hit me up at if any black girls that are from st. Thomas Canada Ontario email me or add me on msn.

  19. I’m 42, and have dated/been with black women. Age/Race/Height…. none of it matters. If a woman is beautiful to me, none of the rest matters. I’ve come to blows with my Dad over my dating “preferences”, or lack of, and still, I stand by what I say.


  21. My name is Richard Thompson.I live in warren OHIO.I’m 31 yo.And I have dated a black woman for two years.And yes I’m a white man.I have been looking for a woman that is ready to start dating and have a family.I have been looking for a black woman 19/25 y o.It is hard to find a black woman.How do I know if they are into white men???But I hope to find the love of my life soon.That is looking for the same thing I’m looking for.

  22. I’m 31 years old And I do not date white women anymore.I was dating a black woman for two years.But now I’m looking for a woman 18/25 years old .To live are lifes and have a family .I’m a white man 31 years old.And wish to find the love of my life soon.A woman that will not play games or lie.I live in warren OHIO.How do I find a woman that I do not know if they are in to me??But I have been looking and not finding anyone.I have been on dating sites But not have any luck.If any women are on hear hit me up at I hope that there is a woman out there for me that is willing to be my friend and my lover and my wife and have a family with.

  23. Hi there, my names jen,I’m 27, tall slim and sexy. I’m from england. I’m looking for a man who knows how to treat a women. I’m looking for love and future marriage, I know how to make my man happy too, I like to do fun stuff and keep the spark in a relationship. I’m not looking for a man with money, but I wud like a successful man that I can look up to.and a man that can whine n dine me at times, if anybody is intreasted, contacted,

  24. Men are attracted to all beautiful women. Its just up to them to approach them and get to know them. Color is no problem. A beautiful woman is a thing of beauty and should be treated as such.

  25. I Love dating Black Men, they’re Great in bed with Me. I’d like to find a Local Black Lady in Decatur IL & be Her Love Slave. Being married She’d have to Host Me & be Very Discreet. I’m Bi-sexual so a black or mixed couple would be great too. E-mail Me as I have some weekday mornings available.

  26. am 23yrs old and av bin looking for a white guy to date and get serious with,pliz need serious people only.want a man who knows how to treat a lady right

  27. I am from Southern Africa, 33 years old. I love white men , I am so drawn to them. I hold a BBA (Accounting) and another in Restaurant management. I am looking for an educated, career minded white man preferably older than 36. I work out 4 times a week and would like a man that looks after himself. I am ready to be in a committed relationship with the right man. I currently reside in Atlanta , georgia. Please contact me with pictures

  28. Down to earth black lady age 33 yrs old singel living in London am a christian am seriously in search of a white english speaking man who is also a christian to settle down with, go out together have fun and have a wonderful family kids together prefer 34-55yrs old english man with good profession height 5ft6-6ft4 tall prefer thanks. xxxxxxx

  29. am 26yrs old and av bin looking for a white guy to date and get serious with,pliz need serious people only.want a man who knows how to treat a lady right

  30. My Name is Katie, am a Black pretty girl of 26 looking for a long lasting relationship with a white Guy, please no fun, i only want serious guys who wants it all, wife, kids and the whole thing that goes with it, my email is, contact me if u are interested.

  31. Hello, if a little music can make you dance ,a little hug can make you feel better i hope my little hi can make you smile .i really admire to know you better also wish you a happy day,before i go further ,am abdulrazaq by name ,i was just browsing through when i saw your lovely profile ,and i saw something special so,i decided to stop by and say hi.

    i am so excited to write to you and I am making a humble attempt to express my love through this letter, because I am not able to shut my love within my heart even though we haven’t seeing in person I want to say the simple and plain truth that I love you. I love you not only because of your extraordinarily beautiful looks, but also because of your kind mind and well mannered . I must say that I discovered that your shyness is coupled with courage. am glad to know that you are such a great and amiable woman but first of all,i want to started by saying that i am a man of my words, and i always speaks the truth , am romantic with some good quality am considerate not selfish ,beauty at the heart and love to make the less privilege happy especially the poor because they will never forget the day they smile ! and i hope that this email will demystify you to know a little bit of about my personality and of course,if you need any question , don’t hesitate ;you are welcome and i am waiting anxiously to your reply at your earliest convenient time .

    Abdulrazaq , Best regards .

  32. I’m 31/single/ lovely black female, seeking a clean/good looking, outgoing/adventurous White man. I’m educated with kids and I work part time. My parents always use to tell me that a woman should Never look for man, let the man find you!!! So here I am…If you interested email me @ I want some info about you, a pic, what you desire, and we’ll go from there!!!

  33. I live in Warren OHIO My name is Rich,Yes I’m a white man 32 yo.I have been looking for a Black woman for about two years now..How do I know if a Black woman is in to white men????Yes I have dated Black woman.But most of the time Friends Hooked us up..And most of the time it did not work out,,The women I was dating Lied or playedc games with me..I’m just looking for a woman to have a family with..I’m looking for a woman 19 /27 yo to date maybe more…..

  34. I started dating Black Women in 1980 when if was not so cool to do so. Times have changed, thank God. I married a girl from my home town Fort Worth, Texas She is the mother of my four children, which are all grown up now. She was with me when I was in the Navy stationed in Hawaii. I could not believe the fact that a lot of Navy guys were inter racially married, just not to a Black Woman. They gave me a lot of stuff, like what did you have for dinner last night? Fried Chicken and watermelon. I told them hell yeah. I love it. I almost killed one of my shipmate by putting his nose up into his brain, when he called my wife, you know the n word. I have over the years came to of the attitude I don’t care what you think, I am sleeping with her not you. My family on top of that are bigots. You just can’t please everyone, so I just care about my happiness. Black Women are the most beautiful Women God ever created.

  35. It’s becoming very popular , now . Your seeing much more of BW/WM; than ever before. IN 2006 , according to ABC , 195,000
    Marriages were of BW /WM . It’s the new tsunami of dating

  36. What about black girls with Native American men? I’m mixed blood Native American & Caucasian, I had a black girlfriend for a while, we were good together. We slept naked on a small couch, because we lived in a house full of people. It was very romantic & intimate. I took her to meet my Mom, and Mom said something embarrassing. I thought, “Damn, Ma! Why did you say that?” I think we could have made beautiful babies together. Sadly, we went our separate ways after about six months. C’est La Vie…

  37. Honestly a lot of black girls are told by their brothers and fathers to stay away from white in particular because they are crazy. However, more and more you are seeing some black women dating despite the brainwash I know that many of my friends are curious they are just afraid of the stigma.

  38. I’ve always thought black woman are sexy looking and I’m white 57yrs old but keep my age. I live in MD but honestly I like younger woman and skinny types. Holly Berry looks are so beautiful and so are mix raced woman. I’m single and this is a big reason why,because of my taste but who cares what anyone else thinks because if your happy so is life. I love racing boating and taking the motorhome on vacations. Holding hands and being in real love is most important to me. I’m sure some that write are fat and ugly and think they can go this way but not me I just like this way and I personally think black woman know how to treat a man.

  39. Am a black beautiful sexy girl aged 24years looking for a white man between 25-45years ready for a serious relationship resulting into marriage.So if ur interested make me a ware

  40. I am a 20 year old thick brown skin beaut.. I am looking for a handsome and exciting white guy to share some new adventures.

  41. Hello I’m looking for a white guy that’s ready to be my boyfriend and maybe marriage. I want a slim build blond or redheaded white tall guy and cute from aged 22-26 please i need a serious man i know they’re many of them out there, I’m just being specific. You can reach me through my email

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