Single Black Women Seeking White Men At Black Dating Sites

Nowadays it is quite a normal thing to see single Black women seeking white men at black dating sites. Many a times you turn your head back when you see them flirting and dating in public places. I do not think so there is something wrong or funny in it. Everyone makes different judgments and thoughts about every other person or community on this earth. In this modern era, there are thousands of interracial marriage relationships and dating relationships. Many of you have seen Asian females dating with black males and White males dating with Asian females, then why it is strange for you to see white men dating black women.

Black women seeking white men

Black women seeking white men

The main reason behind turning heads back on seeing a black girl dating white men is that they are not seen on public areas and streets so often. It is really very rare. Thus, there is surely a surprise to some context. These interracial relationships are not seen so much because most of the black girls want to date with the guys of the same race or sometimes from Asian group but not the white men. Now this taste is changing slowly and steadily. There is no specific reason, it is usual in their nature.

It is fact that the fewer the things happen, the more people surprise at it. The same is in the case of interracial relationships between black women dating white men. Every one holds different idea towards it. It is vernacular amongst people to beam at couples where the female is from black group and male is from white group. The black girls are sexy and hot, which is most attractive in them. The black dating sites are perfect if you wish to meet black girls. The free black dating sites are always ready to accept your comments, compliments and advice no matter bad or good.

Black girls and white men

Black girls and white men (Google image)

The best and most preferred black girls mostly do not like to get in touch of the white males for some or the other reason but it doe not mean that you can not try. You are allowed to meet them at online free black dating sites for sure. Try to make them feel comfortable and trust you, they will surely be friends with you. First it is important to be their friends and then start on the process of dating. This was really difficult in earlier times because at that time there were no interracial marriages and relationships but now there are loads of such examples.

There is nothing to feel afraid of while dating with black girls. They are also girls like white and Asian girls. If you are good they will be good with you. You can surely try at your side. The time is not far when your will be able to accept the relationship between black women and white male very easily. It is the time where black girls are seeking for white males on black free Black dating sites. The white males are strong, protective and quite loving which are the factors that are attracting the black females towards them.

Black Women Don’t Like White Men

Most people think that black women do like white men. They are proud of themselves about dating a white man and introduce him to her family. You know what? You’re wrong about that. Most single black girls don’t like white guys, you know what I’m saying?

Black Women

Black Women

I have to be honest with you, man. Most black women prefer to be with a black man for dating, romance, relationship and even marriage. That’s it. They like to have “black love” and “black marriage”. This image for all young black girls when they grow up and dream, is strong and powerful. If you are browsing online female profiles of any online dating site, then you rarely see that they mention about “looking for white men”. It is really true that most black ladies prefer to date black gals.

There are some single black women are open to different races or some white guys approach to these black girls first. As you know that black girls are friendly and sweet. When a white guy approaches to her and ask her out, sometimes she does so because of love, not about she is really seeking a white man. I have a black girl who told me that she feels more friendly and “nature” when she is with a black guy, even on bed. She said she prefers to date black single men more than white guys.

However, some white men like to eat chocolate ice cream so they pursue a dream to look for black girls. Most of black women do not make the first move with a white man. Only white guys make the first approach to black ladies. So, white men are attracted to black women and they are making the first move in dating with these ladies.
Generally speaking, black women don’t like white men initially for dating and marriage. They prefer to be with a black man. They feel more comfortable with their own race, even on bed, you know what I’m saying?

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56 thoughts on “Single Black Women Seeking White Men At Black Dating Sites

  1. Looking for a long trem relationship someone with compassion love and lafter. Seeking relationship with a black single female who is looking for love and romance and a long term comitment

  2. I am an attractive divorce 43 year old white looking for an honest and carind black female to love and hold.I would like to meet someone whp likes to cuddle,watch movies, travel.Someone who is looking for very caring and loving man who will give his heart and soul 100% into her.I will not only give her my heart and soul,I will give her the rest of my life.Thanks Troy

  3. i really like you comment and if you are what you say, then i will like to get to know you. have a nice day. you can reach me via my email

  4. TROY

  5. im a 43 white male looking for a sexy petiet black woman for a relationship. im a costrution worker,i also write and play music. photos avalable on myspace if interested

  6. i am a full figured 38yr old black woman looking for a 40+ yr old white male. i like movies and just sitting in the park and enjoying the view. i work alot and dont get out much so its hard for me to meet someone out there “in the world”. i am hoping to find a mature man who can see into my heart. i am very loving and caring person and i am just looking for someone who is the same and can be faithful.

  7. Single black female seeking older gentleman for ltr marriage. me 39 you older 45 – 54 Have sense of humor loving caring respectable. Not clubbing partying type either.

    • I am in Houston wanting a serious relationship, but would like to date. To see where the wind blows us. I have a great sense of humor so please have one too…..

      • Hello dear,

        How are you?.I hope you are fine?.

        My name is Peter Obinna Ogbu,from Nigeria,in West Africa,but presently residing in India.

        Please,I wish to inform you that I have read your message,and I’m really interested to have a fruitful,and long term relationship with you.

        Meanwhile,I’m male,32 years old,single,6’2″tall,black in complexion,Christian,enlightened,open minded,tolerant,industrious,and lovely. I hope you have the qualities I need in a woman,as am looking forward to build a strong,wonderful,long term,and beneficial relationship with you?.

        Please feel free to send your reply,along with your photos,as soon as possible,to my private e-mail,and also call me on my mobile:+91-8373980585,so that we can get to know each other better,and begin this precious relationship.Okay?.

        I await your kind,and lovely response.

        Yours lovely,
        Peter Ogbu
        NOTE:It would be great,and lovely,if could pay me a visit here in India,for us to have a good time together,and also plan for our marriage.Okay?.

  8. Seeking a mature SWM for friendship possibly more. I don’t drink, smoke and would like someone with similar preferences. I’m a 33yo, SBF originally from the Caribbean, living in the Houston area. Honest, loyal, serious minded individuals only.

  9. Wants a single white man to share my life with,m a loving n caring young lady who loves travelling,movies and cooking.check me on my e-mail if u suite n if u are 38-48yrs


  11. I am a single Black women seeking a wonderful White man who is loving, caring, respectful, trustworthy and is seeking a long-term relationship to marriage commitment! I am 42 years of age, educated with no children. If you would like to get to know me better just email me, I’ll be waiting to hear from you!

  12. full figured black woman from west africa seeking, nice white man between 35 and 45 years, i love to cudlle , being together, watching movies, going out time time , love outdoors, love latino usic, african, and blues crazy about 50s 60, 70, 80s music

  13. im 50ys young an would like a relationship w/a black women mature no games ,im in lincoln ne herd working hounest an a hopeless romantic

  14. Luvsumvanilla I think that I’m that white guy you are looking for,all I can say is that I’m not ugly. So I will leave that up for your descretion.

  15. I’m a 37 year old white male, pro. Tattoo artist. I’d love ta spend the rest of my life with a Nubian queen. If interested email me your number please. I’ll be waiting.

  16. iam looking for white maa aged 49_60 years for long term relationship,should be a cristian.Am 48 years old very beautiful and i look younger than my age

  17. I am seeking a beautiful african woman in my neighborhood with big breasts so she could train me as her personal slaveboy forever

  18. I would like to date a white guy and if possible have a long term relationship with him. I am a 40 years old Tanzanian woman who has never married and has no kids. I am a one man woman, caring and understanding. Email me if you are interested.

  19. I am a 65-year-old man a white man dating a 45-year-old beautiful black woman. I see absolutely no problem with that. A pleasant change and much better than I ever dreamed. Of course there are all those looks. But that doesn’t matter. Don’t let life pass you by !!

  20. I’m a beautiful 65 year old Caribbean queen, most people say I don’t look a day over 55, I’m seeking a white male age 60 – 75. Lets give them something to talk about, love to cuddle, hold hands in public.

  21. I’m a single black 33 year old female looking for a single white male. I’m fun, attractive, take care of myself. Please respond to me if interested.

  22. I have dated black women in past, and and they all have been great women to be with. And if I found the right one again I would date her as well.

  23. hi im 20 yrz lookng for a white guy at th age of 20-30 whose loving,caring en nt an indoor person…a person who knws what thy want in lyf…a person who can be more den my bf bt my frnds who I can share everythng wd…

  24. hi im 24 yrz lookng for a white guy at
    th age of 27-34 whose loving,caring
    en nt an indoor person…a person
    who knws what thy want in lyf…a
    person who can be more den my bf
    bt my frnds who I can share
    everythng wd…and love to watch football. email at

  25. Hi, my name is Nono, I’m 40 years old, looking for a white guy, from 40 years upwards. I’m staying in south Africa , Johannesburg, I need someone who will love and care for me as I will do the same for him, someone who will be sensitive to my feelings, anyone who is interested can email me @

  26. A coffee/ soft drink in a place mutually agreed by both and take it from there

    You should message me if you are genuinely interested in a relationship and you know that relationships are two way ongoing communication..
    Not shallow living
    I just havnt felt that thing … that thing … that moment when you kiss someone and everything around you becomes hazy , and the only thing in focus is you and this person . And you realise that this person is the only person your supposed to kiss for the rest of your life .And for one moment you get this amazing gift . And you wanna laugh and you wanna cry , because you feel so lucky that you’ve found it , and so scared that it’ll go away at the same time ..
    None caucasian ladies please

  27. Am Diana a black kenyan single lady aged 30 looking for a single serious white gentle man who is ready to settle down age between 35-45. He has to be loving,caring,understanding. kindly email me if interested.

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