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Posted on 10/20/2012

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I am a handsome good looking man. I am a laid back individual who likes doing thing with other people. I like spending my time with family. I also like surfing on my computer for dating sites to find girls. I believe in god and worship him every chance I get. I like driving my car to different places looking at different things. I am a free spirited person who does what he wants when he wants. I am a good man who is honest and dependable. I believe in being punctual and ready for appointments. I like going out to eat at fast food restaurants and dining at buffet style restaurants where you can eat all you want. I don't have any children but hope to have some someday. I am currently working for my certification in a+ computer help desk so I can get a better job.
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I am looking for a fine looking black woman. A woman with a couple of tits and a big ass to boot. I wont a woman who does her hair and cooks meals over the stove. I want a woman who can drive and has a job. I want a woman to be wonderful with in bed and in friendship. I want a woman who is honest believes in god and worships him. I want a woman who is healthy without and STD's or VD. I want a woman who is a little younger than me so we can have a couple of children together.
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