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Posted on 09/02/2013

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United States
my name is susan, 33 years old, am from new york city, manhattan.
my dad is from south africa and my mum is from new york. have stayed all

my life in new york, i grew up there.
I am a honest woman,i love swimming,watching comedy movies listen to

music and visiting beaches..i only drink occasionally and i dont smoke. i

work for a charity organization..I love playing field games,going camping,to

the beach, movie, writing poetry and watch sporting games and a whole lot

other things to keep me busy and don't get me lonely.. . I am in fact hoping

to find happiness via Good Relationship! .A serious relationship based on

trust and honesty am seeking for , since I think if a man and woman

don't have friendship, the rest of it just won't work.
Looking for:
I am looking for someone who has a good personality, friendly, outgoing, confident with herself. Someone who is polite and respectful (to himself and others). Someone who respects me,and recognizes what a special person I am and treats me accordingly. I am looking for someone who will spend the rest of his life with me..,yet will respect my need for time and space periodically, and not feel neglected because of it. Someone who likes to cook., by the way. Someone that I can count on to be there for me. Someone who will make me laugh, laugh with me, or wipe (or kiss) away my tears. Someone who will love me, and allow me to love him back. Someone who will rub my shoulders or feet after a rough day, or just because they want to, and allow me to do the same for them. Someone who accepts me for me, and doesn't try to change me into who they think I should be..I want someone who will scratch my itch when I can't reach it. Someone who likes giving and getting affection. I like touching, holding hands, wrapping our arms around one another, stopping to kiss just because. Someone who is emotionally stable, Someone who is patient, tolerant, understanding, compassionate, kind, caring, a good listener and communicator. Someone who can communicate his thoughts, needs, and feelings. Someone who likes to travel, enjoys the outdoors, respects our Earth. Someone who is thoughtful, considerate, loyal, honest, trustworthy, faithful, generous. Someone who is open-minded, sensitive to my feelings, supportive, responsible, reliable, dependable. Someone who is handy around the house. Someone who has class and tact, who will treat me the way I deserve to be treated. Someone who is a Believer, but not a fanatic. I have a very electic spirituality, but I believe in God and Jesus Christ. Prefer someone who loves animals, and respects what God has created. Someone who is a good kisser (I believe there's alot in a kiss), and someone who is sensitive to their partner's needs (sexually and otherwise). I think this is a good start and hope am not asking too much.
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