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Posted on 11/01/2010

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United States
North Carolina
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Well i think im very Nice and friendly , and most of all understanding when ut comes to buisness , i know i am very young but for my age i am very mature as well . I love to have Fun , You should really get too know me .
Looking for:
I just Wanna Meet Real Love , For Once. -i can be shy, so he has to be able to find ways to get me to talk (people have found ways before, so its not impossible) -outgoing -witty -smart -good sense of humor -some kind of maturity -common sense -not too clingy, not too sensitive, but wont mind coming to me for advice once in a while -random acts of kindness; holding the door, doing something nice to someone else in front of me, compiments, etc. -not afraid to challenge me! (i love playful fights) -a sense of depth and mystery (i absolutely love that quality) -knows when its appropriate to have fun -can deal with my stubborness, can see my perspective and help me see his -good heart -loves sports as much (or maybe even more) than i do -doesnt pressure me, gives me space when i need it -good flirt (also goes along with witty) -forgiving -doesnt bring up the bad aspects of the past -will write me cheesy poems or love songs =) -can talk to me about anything, and i mean ANYTHING haha -charming -can make me smile, cheer me up, lift my spirits -can find many adjectives to describe my brown eyes -also likes to fish for compliments -lets me lead (he doesnt always have to be in charge and make decisions) -can see through ditzy girls -likes me for who i am, and isnt embarrased to be by me -doesnt like caked on make up! -----BUT MOST OF ALL---- A guy who isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, someone who's intelligent and has an opinion he's willing to stand up for, even if it means that we fight for 3 hours about who's right and who's wrong. Someone who see's the beautiful things and life, the things that really matter, and isn't solely focus on being the richest person in the world. A guy who is thoughtful and remembers the small things like my favorite color, or how i don't talk when i'm angry. Someone who will admit when there wrong, and give me the credit i deserve. Too me there is not specific set guy when it comes too him being the perfect man, i just want someone who's going to compliment my personality and most importantly love me just as much as i love him.
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5' 5"
Dark Brown
African American (black)
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