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Posted on 03/18/2012

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I'm looking for a special woman that has inner beauty, and superficial looks are relatively unimportant to me. As I have a dominant personality, she will be submissive, an equal and complimentary other half. I will be totally committed to her and she will be equally committed to me, for a long term, if not a life time relationship. I will lead and be responsible for all matters, and she will follow my lead. She will not be looking for an immature boyfriend or play partner, but rather a mature partner, with common sense, worldly experience and wisdom. She will enjoy constant attention and affection and she will return the same, without qualification, reservation or inhibition. She will be open and honest, ready to share all her thoughts, inner secrets and fantasizes, and be ready to live them. There is much more, but the limited space here prevents it now. It will all be discussed in future communications. Contact me now.! Don't be shy and indecisive, as that gets you nowhere..!!
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She should have the following personal characteristics: 1.) Intelligence 2.) Openness 3.) A sense of adventure 4.) Mental strength 5.) Honesty 6.) Patience 7.) Dedication 8.) Commitment 9.) Self control 10.) Discipline 11.) Sincerity 12.) Resolve.

She will have the following reasons and motivations to join me: 1.) A desire for sexual excitement 2.) A desire for freedom from day-to-day cares and responsibilities 3.) A desire to please 4.) A desire to serve 5.) A desire to be obedient 6.) A desire to be loyal. All these should be strongly held reasons and motivations, and be deeply held inner feelings. (Actually all these things are part of any truly strong relationship) She will be ready to form a strong bond and maintain that bond for a lifetime.
I realize that she must have a great deal of self awareness, to have all of this, but an excessively bratty, quarrelsome, and self-centered person will not be suitable. Her own outside interests will be encouraged. More later.
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